About Us

Innate Intelligence

Ever wondered what causes a nail to grow out of a broken nail & not hair or vice versa. What causes the bruised skin to auto heal? The body is constantly re-developing, old cells die off & new ones are being formed. This phenomenal inherent ability to auto function, heal, repair, maintain the vibrant state of well-being & work at its best is Innate Intelligence (being born with!)

From altering body temperature to fight off a virus to sweating on a hot sunny day or shivering in extreme winters – are just some of the intelligent ways body adapts to maintain stability. We have got so used to this redundant, ever pervading intelligence that it doesn’t seem to be a miracle to us! – One of the nature’s wonders we take for granted. Believe it or not- INNATE Intelligence is our Lifeline!

Well, are you grateful for what this beautiful gift given by nature to you is doing for you every single second? How would you like to show your love towards it? Think about it ! Not only with human body but this intelligence is present in every single living organism; guiding it to the path of health. We at Innate Intelligence use the very fact & create a platform for the body to unfold & tap on to its internal resources to heal & unlock bountiful of good health lying inside. 

About the Founder

Suvidha Agarwal is a trainer with The Art of Living & has been reaching out to various sections of the society with scientific breathing techniques, yoga, meditation & alternate holistic health modalities for the last 10 years. Professionally she has been a Senior Actuarial Analyst, Gold Medallist in Mathematics & worked with AON Hewitt in Bangalore and Sydney, Australia. She has led youth leadership training sessions in various premier institutes across the country including IITs, BITS, NIFTs etc.

Her corporate sessions on soft skills and mind management have added value as part of corporate trainings in many MNCs. Her journey with The Art of Living inspired her to reach out to people with alternative and holistic health modalities including Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies as well as Lifestyle management with Yoga-meditation workshops. Be it catering to physical health/ emotional health her sessions are aimed at restoring balance in the body, mind, emotions and add on to the happiness quotient.