Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Remedies are a natural, safe way of bringing you peace and balance. First discovered in the 1920s and 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach in England. They work by helping you balance any negative emotions you might be experiencing. Such emotions can include anxiety, worry, fear, uncertainty or lack of confidence. These types of feelings interfere with your natural state of being. The remedies help restore you to your former sense of self, and improve your emotional balance.

They are absolutely natural, and made from wild plants and flowers. Preserved in a grape brandy, these natural restorative remedies are non-toxic, and are safe for everyone to use, including children and pets.

The remedies are utterly simple to take - can be taken mixed in a bit of water / taken directly from your own personal mix of remedy bottle or even applied topically. Absolutely simple to take, with no restrictions whatsoever.

You can get a consultation done with us & we chose the best remedies suited for you & send you your personal mix. You can get in touch with us if you straight away want the individual remedy stock bottle.

The Bach Remedies are fabulous by themselves and people have reported that taking them with any other healing modality - Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. Even Allopathy seems to greatly increase the efficacy of the other modality.  Taking the Remedies is absolutely safe & natural with no known side effects.

The Bach Remedies are utterly safe and non-habit forming. The only ‘main-effect’ one has after taking Bach flower remedies is that the feel "much better & healthier" .

The remedies can be given to any age group. They can safely be given to toddlers and babies - in fact for babies if the mother has them, the babies will get them when breast fed.

Absolutely! These can also be given to plants.

The Bach remedies are for the mental state of mind that you might have because of the symptom or what you are currently undergoing. Whether it is a back pain, a headache, high blood pressure, diabetes or anything else - the remedies are for what those conditions ‘make you feel’.  Note that the remedies are not intended to replace professional medical opinion.

We’re all different. Your best friend might see immediate results from the Bach Flower Remedies and feel revitalized, whereas someone else might have to wait a bit longer. Because this is a natural way of supporting your emotional health and well-being, you can continue taking it until you feel rebalanced and re-energized. Don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work as quickly as you want it to. Continue being consistent, focusing on the positive potential of your remedy or remedy mix until you feel like you no longer need to.


The number of sessions required vary from person to person depending on the severity of the condition. Some people feel dramatic difference in just one or two sessions, others may need many more sessions over the course of time. As a general rule, three to 8 sessions will have a significant impact on most people’s health.

In our experience, most people will return for sessions long after they are completely alright, to relax, rejuvenate & for occasional tune-up make sure they don’t fall ill.

CST will not interfere with any treatment you are currently undergoing and could in fact enhance and speed up your recovery. It respects the innate ability of the body to heal itself & is completely holistic in nature.

Usually a session lasts from over 40 minutes to an hour depending on person to person. You just have to sit back/lie down & relax.


Anyone can take CST – including new-borns, pregnant women and the elderly.

CST sessions help soothen the nervous system and relieves one from anxiety issues.

Anyone can take CST – including new-borns, pregnant women and the elderly.