Integrated Craniosacral Therapy (iCST)

Unlock the Healing Power of Nature

Technically, iCST is a very profound non-invasive hands-on healing process that uses light, gentle touch to release stress, tension & deep seated physical/mental/emotional trauma. It tunes into the innate intelligence & fosters a platform for good health to flow into the system. It is known to benefit an entire range of problems, from minor aches and pains to severe chronic conditions. From respiratory to circulatory to digestive to cardiovascular to muscular to endocrine to Urinary system & 4 more , a total of 11 organ systems co-exist in the body & work in perfect sync day & night! Haa! What a warrior ! If one is burnt out, would it not impact the functioning of other? Just think about it.

iCST is based on the idea that our bodies are very whole & everything in the body is linked to another. Whole of our body – its organs, cells, tissues, muscles, bones, nerve fibres, glands – basically everything is wrapped around in a very delicate connective tissue or FASCIA! Ant tension in this connective network can restrict the mobility, functioning/connectivity between any two other things in our body leading to stress, pain, inflammation etc! Via gentle touch, iCST assists the release of Fascial network, and movement of fluids in and around the central nervous system, setting it all stress-free! Yayy!

What to expect in the session?

The therapist, via the power of touch figures out what’s going on inside the body & tunes it to its natural innate intelligence. Usually a session lasts from over 40 minutes to an hour depending on person to person. You just have to sit back/lie down & relax 

What to expect after iCST Session?

A iCST session triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms to relieve diseases, symptoms and root causes. This restores balance across the various systems of the body, bringing it back into its state of vibrant health.

With iCST, a lot of physical/mental/emotional traumas/scars find their way out of the system & one experiences a sense of intense relaxation, feeling rejuvenated, de-stressed & fresh with a priceless smile are just some of the side-effects of a iCST session! (Can fill up with more synonyms but just words don’t do the full justice!)

What all conditions does iCST help in?

iCST sessions benefits people with/without any pain/disorders alike. One may chose to experience to get rid of a prolonged ailment/ simply to relax amidst the dwindling work-life balance. To put forth, iCST acts as wonders for people with

  • Chronic pain, chronic fatigue
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Shoulder-neck pain/ stiffness
  • Back pain, disc bulge/slip/herniated discs, Sciatica – Spinal Issues
  • Bones/joint related disorders
  • Insomnia/ Anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Spondylitis, Cervical
  • Hyperacidity, bloating, IBS, Constipation etc.
  • Hormonal Imbalances – PCOD etc
  • Breathing disorders like asthma, bronchitis etc
  • Epilepsy, Autism, Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons’ ,Neurodegenerative diseases
  • iCST sessions have healed people of the aftermaths of chemo sessions & restored health


The list can go and on! Basically it fosters all that restores the balance & takes the body towards good health! Adding on to lifestyle changes, one can truly bring about the 360degree change in one’s system.


The number of sessions required vary from person to person depending on the severity of the condition. Some people feel dramatic difference in just one or two sessions, others may need many more sessions over the course of time. As a general rule, three to 8 sessions will have a significant impact on most people’s health.

In our experience, most people will return for sessions long after they are completely alright, to relax, rejuvenate & for occasional tune-up make sure they don’t fall ill.

CST will not interfere with any treatment you are currently undergoing and could in fact enhance and speed up your recovery. It respects the innate ability of the body to heal itself & is completely holistic in nature.

Usually a session lasts from over 40 minutes to an hour depending on person to person. You just have to sit back/lie down & relax.


Anyone can take CST – including new-borns, pregnant women and the elderly.

CST sessions help soothen the nervous system and relieves one from anxiety issues.

Anyone can take CST – including new-borns, pregnant women and the elderly.


Review From Our Customers

I was suffering with a bad back pain since last 3 weeks after having a fall.I am amazed how in just a single session; my lower back pain is resolved. Simple touch can be so transforming without any pain relieving medicines!

Himanshu Singhal Data Analyst

I used to have a lot of strain around eyes, shoulders & neck region due to load of online classes. That used to aggravate as very bad headaches. CST session helped in releasing and loosening the area & there is an instant sense of relaxation in the head. Very grateful!

Monika Jangid Teacher

I am usually a very hyperactive guy & been facing anxiety issues since schooltime. Have taken 3 CST sessions so far and my sleep quality is already so much better and there is a slowdown in the chatter that used to go on in my mind.

Nimish Sharma Student & Has a Start Up

CST came as a blessing to me during the pandemic time. With work overload, I faced lot of fatigue, irregular sleep cycle & hormonal imbalances (also PCOD issue). CST sessions ensured deep relaxation for me & I already feel so light in the body & mind.

Preeti Khandelwal Homemaker

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