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Dr. Edward Bach found the 38 Flower remedies over a period of almost 2 decades & they can be mixed and matched together to handle over 2 million states of mind. He classified emotions broadly into 7 groups. Each remedy is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state.

1. Despondency & Despair


Indicated : For the feeling of being overwhelmed or tearful meltdown.

Impact : Helps you with internal support


Indicated : For Workaholics – fighter till the end - Goes on & on despite all odds often ignoring self care

Impact : Invokes self love so that you can bounce back with greater energy


Indicated : For self guilt/ self blame

Impact: Invokes self love & acceptance to move on


Indicated: For Low self esteem, low confidence, inferiority complex

Impact: The Confidence Booster – go-getter!


Star of Bethlehem

Indicated: For Traumatic, shocking incidents of the past

Impact: Releases & heals the traumatic state of mind & gives the much needed comfort

Sweet Chestnut

Indicated: Painful anguish & absolute dejection to the level of calling out to higher power for help

Impact: Provides the deep solace & restores positivity & faith


Indicated: For the victim consciousness – Poor me! Self Pity & Bittnerness

Impact: Instills the strength to forgive & forget & see the goodness existing

Crab Apple

Indicated: Feeling of self-disgust, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Dire need for cleanliness

Impact: Invokes the feeling of purity & acceptance towards self & surroundings

2. Fear


Indicated: For known & Specific Fears. Feeling of being shy & timid

Impact: Invokes courage, bravery


Indicated: Vague, unkonwn fears, anxiety, addictions, sleep issues

Impact: Invokes reassurance & confidence to face the unknown

Red Chestnut

Indicated: For irrational & excessive concern for loved ones

Impact: Converts worry to faith & establishes the sanity

Cherry Plum

Indicated: Paranoia, suicidal thoughts, fear of losing control

Impact: The composure flower establishes inner peace

Rock Rose

Indicated: For feeling of extreme fear, panic, frozen with fear

Impact: Grounds immediately & brings back to senses, invokes fearlessness

3. Uncertainity


Indicated: Continuously seeking other’s opinions &/ asking questions repeatedly, needing assurance from others

Impact: Helps you take your own decisions & instills a sense of trust on your own intuition

Wild Oat

Indicated: Frustrated, dissatisfied & wants to find direction in life

Impact: Turns the seeking to finding & instills a feeling of satisfaction


Indicated: Fluctuating mind – can’t devide between two options & keeps hopping

Impact: Enhances decision making, helps find equilibrium


Indicated: Self doubt, discouraged by failure

Impact: Instills self-belief & confidence


Indicated: Helplessness & discouraged by failure so much that usually thinks oh! What’s the use

Impact: Instills hope


Indicated: For feelings of procrastination, laziness

Impact: Boosts the energy & puts you into action mode

4. Loneliness


Indicated: For talkative hypochondria, usually engaged in discussing self problems & negativity

Impact: Invokes feeling of love and empathy which transalate into listening to others


Indicated: Utterly impatient when things don’t go at your pace

Impact: Restores patience so that you can accept slow down calm down pace

Water Violet

Indicated: Prefers to be alone and often sounds as proud and aloof to others

Impact: Allows you to be more comfortable in social circle & turns the aloofness to camaraderie

5. Insufficient Interest in the Present


Indicated: For the absent minded daydreamer, snaps out of conversations

Impact: Gets that much needed focus & brings one to the present

Chestnut Bud

Indicated: When you are on a loop to repeat the same mistakes again and again

Impact: Invokes the wisdom to learn from the mistakes


Indicated: Lives in the past either regretting or glorifying

Impact: Brings the mind to the present


Indicated: Extreme fatigue

Impact: Revitalises & restores the energy


Indicated: Feeling of sudden gloom without any apparent reason

Impact: Restore the brightness & turns the gloom to joy

Wild Rose

Indicated: Feeling of utter resignation, lack of interest in anything, lifelessness

Impact: Invokes the brightness, life & freshness

White Chestnut

Indicated: Mental merry go round, over thinking

Impact: Establishes the tranquillity in the mind

6. Overconcern for Others


Indicated: Loves attention, praise, expects reciprocation

Impact: Turns the demanding into giving


Indicated: Evangelist & wants to convert other’s to their own point of view, highly impulsive

Impact: Invokes tolerance, more acceptance & vivacity


Indicated: Bossy, Dominating, power hungry

Impact: Turns directive leadership to inspirational leadership

Rock Water

Indicated: Perfectionist, hard on one self to the point of discomfort, rigid in views

Impact: Allows you to experience the lightness by being more flexible


Indicated: Intolerant, Fault Finder, Intolerant

Impact: Invokes the tolerance & finds compassion

7. Over Sensitive to Influence & Ideas


Indicated: Masks worries & shows everything is alright on the surface

Impact: Helps address the suppressed feelings so that you can experience the freedom & peace that you yearn for


Indicated: Inability to say No, subservient & wants to please others

Impact: Instills assertiveness


Indicated: Feeling of being vulnerable when you are going through some change/transition

Impact: Delinks & protects you from the outside pressure


Indicated: Anger, jealousy, revenge

Impact: Heals & kindles the feeling of magnanimity & generosity

Rescue Remedy/Panchpushp

The emergency remedy made of combination of 5 flower (Panch – 5 ; Push- Flower) remedies to help you sort emergency situation & help you overcome the difficult situation. The Magical remedy consists of –

  • Clematis – For grounding
  • Impatiens – For Cool down-calm down
  • Cherry Plum – To make you feel that you are in control
  • Rock Rose – To face the extreme fear
  • Star of Bethlehem – To negate any trauma/shock

In the Bach Flower Consultation, we have a one on one consultation & our practitioner choses the mix for you based on what you are feeling &/going through mentally. The remedy is then sent to you via courier. They are utterly simple & easy to take!

How to Get Started

In the Bach Flower Consultation, we have a one on one online consultation & our practitioner choses the remedy mix suited for you based on what you are feeling mentally and emotionally. The remedy bottle is then sent to you via courier. They are utterly simple & easy to take yet so very profound & impactful.

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